Xwt AO abrasives cloth Hor se brand

 Material: Brown aluminium oxide Appl ication: For making flap wheel, shaft wheel etc. Gr inding metal, titanium alloy etc.

Xwt SG +AO Abrasives cloth

 Materia|:Ceramic grain mixed aluminium oxide Appl icat ion: For making sanding belt specially, Gr inding wood, metal, steel etc.

Xwt Aluminium oxide abrasives cloth

 Material: Brown aluminium oxide    App lication: For making sanding belt specially, Grinding wood, metal,plastic etc.

Cwt Ceramic Latex Dry paper

 Material: Ceramic grain & Aluminium oxide Appl icat ion: It can be made velcro /PSA disc, For pa int,pr imer, wood, metal, plastic and GFRP etc.

Bwt Stearated Dry Latex paper

  Bwt Stearated Dry paper