Cwt Ceramic Latex Dry paper

 Material: Ceramic grain & Aluminium oxide Appl icat ion: It can be made velcro /PSA disc, For pa int,pr imer, wood, metal, plastic and GFRP etc.

Bwt Stearated Dry Latex paper

  Bwt Stearated Dry paper

Purple Film Velcro Disc

   Mater ial: ZA and aluminium oxide App lication: Coating and pr imer gr inding in the AUTO industry. metal cutting and polishing, wood and composite mater ial pol ishing

Purple Film Velcro Disc

  Mater ial: RECERAMAX RT Ceramic & AO Applicat ion: Coating and pr imer grinding in the AUTO industry, metal cutting and pol ishing,wood and compos ite mater ial pol ishing

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