Classification of disc sandpaper

 Sandpaper is mainly used for grinding and polishing items. Disc sandpaper is also sandpaper, which is a conversion product of sandpaper. The shape is a perfect circle. It is rolled with sandpaper or bonded with double-sided tape, and then put it on the stamping machine and cut it with a special round mold. The stamped product is disc sandpaper.

  Disc sandpaper can be classified and managed from laminates into two types, adhesive disc sandpaper and cashmere disc sandpaper (also known as self-adhesive disc sandpaper and brushed disc sandpaper); 'Brushed disc sandpaper is also non-porous brushed disc sandpaper and perforated brushed disc sandpaper. There are many other classification methods, such as according to the size ratio, the common ones are 4 inches, 5 inches, 6 inches diameter disc sand, and the usable disc sand diameter area is 23m---235mm. There is also classification and management from the sand surface of disc sand. The common ones are white sand disk sand, red sand disk sand, yellow sand disk sand, and the rarer ones, blue sand disk sand, green sand disk sand. There are also classification from the raw materials of disc sandpaper, which can be divided into silicon carbide disc sandpaper and brown corundum disc sandpaper, and silicon carbide disc sandpaper can be divided into green silicon carbide disc sandpaper and black silicon carbide disc sandpaper. Brown corundum disc sandpaper can be divided into ordinary brown corundum disc sandpaper, calcined brown corundum sandpaper, iridium-plated corundum disc sandpaper, semi-brittle corundum disc sandpaper and so on.