On the Selection and Use of Sandpaper

     Sandpaper is divided into many different types of sandpaper according to the different materials to be ground, including diamond sandpaper, synthetic diamond sandpaper, glass sandpaper, dry-ground sandpaper, etc. Among them, dry sandpaper (wood sandpaper) is used to polish the surface layer of polished wood and bamboo, and water-resistant sandpaper is used to polish the surface layer of metal or non-metal material workpieces in water or oil. The larger the particle size of the sandpaper, the faster the friction effect, but it will also be rougher. The smaller the particle size of the sandpaper, the slower the friction effect, and the more detailed the effect after friction will be.

  Dongguan sandpaper contains good or bad, and you need certain skills to buy good sandpaper. As the saying goes, "10 points for the painter, three points for the sand" means the importance of the grinding treatment.

  The choice of sandpaper belt has little relationship with information, regardless of the hardness and softness of the material, it needs to go through the steps of fine grinding, fine grinding, polishing and corrosion to be considered complete.

  Dongguan sandpaper contains dry sandpaper tape and wet sandpaper tape. You can choose a suitable sandpaper tape according to the situation. The brand of sandpaper tape is very important. When choosing, it depends on the thickness of the sandpaper, whether the sand grains are evenly distributed, and whether the sand will fall off.

  The functions of the grinding and polishing process are: 1. The basic materials remove burrs, oil and dust on the surface of the substrate; 2. For the surface scraped with putty powder, the surface is rough, and after sanding, a smoother surface is obtained, reducing the surface roughness of the product workpiece; 3. Improve the adhesion of the coating.

  Hand sanding and polishing When choosing a sandpaper belt, cut a whole sandpaper belt into 4 sheets, and then carry out a detailed sanding and polishing process.