Introduction to the types and characteristics of sandpaper

  Sandpaper is a surface grinding consumable, an abrasive used in general wood products, metals, plastics, walls, etc., due to its wide range of particle sizes, linkage production, and high efficiency, so most industries use sandpaper for surface treatment operations, According to the different use environments, its types are different. Today, Zhenhongxing Xiao will introduce the types and characteristics of sandpaper to you, let's get a little knowledge of sandpaper together!

There are four main types of bells:                                      

1. Sponge sandpaper: It is suitable for grinding products with arc edges. Adding a sponge in the middle can play a buffering role. The grinding efficiency is high and the cost is low. It can be used in general households and is more widely used in industry. The particle size can be selected from P80-P5000. It has the characteristics of good surface quality and low cost.                                                                 

 2. Dry grinding sandpaper: suitable for grinding of metal, wall and plastic products, using kraft paper and latex synthesis, multi-particle size optional, high cutting force, not easy to produce debris, suitable for dry grinding, anti-static, good softness, wear resistance and other characteristics.                                     

3. Water-resistant sandpaper: suitable for the grinding of various types of products, using brown corundum, white corundum, silicon carbide, zirconium corundum and other abrasive binding resins as binders, with high production efficiency, wide particle size, working under water-containing conditions, less dust, high labor efficiency features.                             

 4. Dust-free sandpaper: It can minimize the harm of the working environment, dust-free grinding, prolong the service life of the product, with little dust, high efficiency, and less replacement frequency.