What are the characteristics of flocking sandpaper? What is the function?

Those who often use sandpaper will know more about flocking sandpaper, which is used for industrial grinding or polishing. Flocking sandpaper will separate flocking sandpaper into multiple types according to the size of the fit. Next, let's take a look at the knowledge points related to flocking sandpaper!

Flocking sandpaper is to use sandpaper rolls to fit double-sided tape, and then put it on the stamping machine to cut with a special circular mold. Its shape is a perfect circle, so it is called flocking sandpaper, which is essentially sandpaper.

1. How to use flocking sandpaper

First of all, like sandpaper, the grades and specifications (professionally known as grain size numbers) of flocked sandpaper sheets (disc sandpaper sheets) are different, and there are generally three types: coarse, medium and fine. The higher the grain size number of the sandpaper, the smoother the surface of the sandpaper will be. When using disc flocked sandpaper sheets, you can enclose the sandpaper in blocks, then let the sand face out and fix it with staples or glue (if you choose glue, be sure to choose good quality, otherwise it will affect the sanding effect). Then, apply pressure with both hands. Move the flocked sandpaper sheet back and forth into a linear motion, gradually polish the entire appearance of the product you need to polish, and then take some time to polish the edges and corners in a timely manner. Finally, after the whole process is polished, the dust is used to vacuum the equipment. The entire grinding process is basically over.

2. The use of flocking sandpaper

Flocking sandpaper is used to grind metal, wood and other surfaces to make it smooth and smooth. The use of sandpaper in the market is also relatively large. It is a material for grinding. According to different usage conditions, there are many types of it, and the classification is unified. Flocking sandpaper sheets are refined from high-quality brown corundum, white corundum, black silicon carbide and other abrasives, and can be made into circles, triangles, rectangles, dovetails and other shapes. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, sharpness, good heat dissipation, and no burning of workpieces, so flocking sandpaper is widely used in furniture and wood products grinding, polishing, automobile manufacturing, etc.

The above is a brief introduction to the use and function of flocking sandpaper, hoping to be helpful to everyone. Zhejiang Torch Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and processing of grinding wheel blades, cutting blades, wire wheels, louvers and other products. The flocking sandpaper mentioned above is one of the company's main products. It is professional, safe, low-consumption and efficient, and is used for the grinding and polishing of metal or metal materials in furniture, automobiles, yachts and other industries.